Rugs, Lighting and Home Décor – Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sale
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Storm Inspired Online

Home décor updates? It’s make-it-happen time. Introducing online shopping and Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sale.


As you’ve hopefully already heard, Storm Inspired is online! (You know, our retail/trade concept store out front?) Turns out, online shop launching is quite the task – all-consuming for a few months there, leaving us crawling across our self-imposed finish line desperately in need of a breather. So we called a brief timeout and took the family to Italy. Here we are on our 136th scoop of gelato. (Divide that by 4 before you judge.)

Storms Eating Gelato

Why take on such a massive, nose-to-the-screen project in the middle of peak patio season? A) We’re partially insane, in a how-can-we-show-our-clients-the-love kind of way. B) We get a lot (aaaa-lotta-lot) of questions about furniture and accent pieces we’ve featured in our projects on Instagram and Houzz, so we’ve made them easier to purchase, and C) to give you carte blanche to shop Storm Inspired when no one’s manning the showroom. Hey, when you need new rugs and lighting, YOU NEED NEW RUGS AND LIGHTING. You can’t be beholden to regular business hours. Go forth and conquer. Add a woven basket while you’re at it.

We launched the site because we recognize Storm Inspired fans are a diverse crew, with equally legit but different reasons for buying online (see below). Which type are you? No – wait. Don’t tell us. Let us guess next time we see you.

The Pants-Averse.

Don’t feel like making yourself presentable? It’s ok. Shop as you are. No need for what-if-I-see-someone-I-know clothes. Or shoes or whatever. It’s freeing, from what we hear. (We’re guessing you’re a room-service person too, aren’t you?)

The Eternal Narrower-Downer.

Slow to make the final call, are you? Need to ponder without the pressure of other shoppers wondering what’s taking so blasted long? Choosing semi-finalists, then finalists, then back to the semis again, switching out a few for your final-finalists? Peruse ’til you’re ready to purchase right here.

The Perpetually on Euro Time.

Doesn’t have to be Euro. Could be Asian time, Australian time – just anywhere-but-here time. Regardless, if your jet-set self is wide awake and mentally redecorating in the wee hours, we’ll help make it happen for you. And being the exotic destination lover you are, you’ll especially appreciate the global sourcing of many of our favorite finds.

Even if you do wear clothes and are decisive, we think you’ll dig what you see enough to hit the Add to Cart button. PS: FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR FIRST ORDER, which clearly justifies adding a few more finds.

Hey all you Glen Ellyn-ites (or anyone within will-drive-for-deals distance), its that time of year again. Side. Walk. Sale.

It’s technically two words, but feels like even more of a thing stretched into three like that. It’s the one weekend a year when we slash prices on select wares then sit back and watch people get into tussles over who saw it first. Aww, just kidding – Tussle-Free Zone. This town’s far too classy for that. Anyway, we’ve got a secret stash of deeply discounted staging pieces left over from shoots and whatnot, plus killer prices on overstock we’re clearing out to make room for more goodies. Most definitely worth a swing-by.

BONUS: 15% off everything in the showroom all week. Thennnn (BIGGER, BETTER BONUS): Thursday – Saturday we’re going deep with the pulled-out-of-storage-for-a-limited-time-so-you-better-get-here-first treasures. Giddyup.

And if you happen to be here Saturday, you can catch the Intelligentsia Cup bike racers flying around Lake Ellyn, all in neon-y dry-fit and wraparound shades with their focus-faces on. Then hit the Alter Brewing beer garden. (Friends of Design Storms. We did their Downers Grove place.)

Intellicup Glen Elynn

Also: Fellow Fiddle Leaf Fig fan? Get excited. Theyre also 15% off through 7.31.

Plus delivery to the store is comped. We’ll place a bulk order and call you when they get here. Come fetch ‘em at the store. Name them. Talk nicely to them. And give them the “good” corner where they can bask in the rays and get their photosynthesis on. They adore flattery in the form of Instagram likes. So post accordingly and tag us – you might just get a re-post.


Meanwhile, we’ll keep an eye out for your name coming through our online store orders (any questions, just ask!) – and we look forward to a quick stop-n-chat at the Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sale this week.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…

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  • Clare Hutchins
    Posted at 08:07h, 29 July Reply

    This is the kitchen i’ve seen on Pinterest with the grey and white trellis cooktop tile, it’s beautiful and i’m trying to find it? We’re in the process of remodeling our kitchen and the tile is the finishing touch, i’ve fallen in love with this trellis tile and would love to use it in our kitchen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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